Films – Our Kind Of Traitor

Yesterday we went to out local independent cinema to see this film. I think overall it was a IMG_0233.jpegreasonable offering and some great actors but some how just didn’t hit the mark for me. It was overly long in places and obvious plot lines flagged up so even a blind person could see them. However both Stellan Skarsgård and Damian Lewis are very good and really carry it in my view. Ewan Mcgregor and Naomie Harris were a good supporting cast but never felt really part of the movie it felt like to me. Maybe I am being too critical but I think Harris made a excellent Moneypenny in Spectre and really shone through as a strong character rather than the previous paper shuffling minor female roles but didn’t seem to really be given much of a role. I have long liked McGregor since Trainspotting and I really liked Long Way Round but for me he just didn’t hit the mark on this one.

Its always hard to take books and authors that you have loved and turn them into films and Le Carré has a very distinct style that didn’t seem to be translated into this film. I am not an advocate for slavishly following books in there transition to film but it is always a battle between what is read and what is seen an to the greater extent the written word to me usual wins as that its the vision of the author and not a second hand one of the film production. However I just love going to the cinema good or bad and I have only ever walked out of two! However in the trailers section Sing Street looked fun.


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