Thought of the day.

Summer finally comes to the Dales and with that thoughts turn to more walks and walking. One of my loves/passions/whatever there called at the moment are maps. I always dreamt as a boy of a wall in my house covered in OS maps and have always been fascinated by them. I went through a period where I started collecting them no matter age or condition as I just loved looking at the place names and topology detail. A lot of those maps went when I had to move out and ditch a ton of stuff but I manage to salvage my most favourite. Fast forward a period of time and I now have just the local ones.

This brings me on to a desire to seek out the paths less travelled and to that end I have been pouring over it for last couple of days checking out where I could get to that’s within reasonable distance and I have never been there before. Like many I stick to the routes I know and rarely stray from the, uhh, path.

So today took a walk that I had done part of but took a different turning and ended up walking along a lovely river side walk. Although not long in distance much to see and experience, and this is on top of the normal daily quota.

Go on get out and explore your neighbourhood it might just surprise you a bit.


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