A kick in the Balearics..

IMG_0182Well I guess I knew it was going to happen! The graft and motivation dwindled to a grinding halt. However with the first signs of spring and some sunny warmer weather I have got my self back to it. Much has been going on in the background and I have been keeping up the walking everyday or there abouts and after the hiccups of a number of birthdays in April mine included where I managed to get one piece of cake rather than the whole one that’s traditional expected, all part of the year of less. I’m back on the case now and have some goals to work towards in the coming weeks and months fitness wise including getting the bike out of its dark corner. This maybe in part due to the TdY(Tour de Yorkshire) coming through and seeing more cyclists out than ever before. Even if I cough and wheeze a couple of miles better than nowt as they say round here.


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