Once in a while..


This morning, a) being a holiday and b) being a bit grim and have reached the weekly target decided we should have something a bit different for breakfast. I had forgotten to make some bread and didn’t fancy venturing out to see if the local shop had some and being a holiday had probably had the shelves stripped on Friday evening with hoards of locusts expecting the Armageddon. Ok maybe a bit of an exaggeration but hey why not completely overreact. Not quite running around waving hands in the air shouting Oh my God incessantly but thats how it panned out in my mind.

So I settled on making some Drop Scones, these are much like pancakes from over the pond but much smaller and smeared with butter and thick set honey were really delicious and only¬†planning to have a couple ended up having more that due to the face that I didn’t want any left as there not so nice when cold and old. This means that I will need to walk these off or cut back on the calories for the day. But they were really nice! Well worth the pain to burn them off.

Daily thought

As we head into June and a bank holiday you wouldn’t have thought we were heading into summer with the rather changeable weather. I’m just thankful that I am not having to put five layers on and squelching through miles of mud. On a the plus side I’m not getting sun burn ūüôā with the village swarmed with holiday makers I’m keeping a low profile and like going out for walks before the world awakes but at this time of the year with daylight coming so early it means dragging oneself out of bed even earlier. There’s been an marked upturn in visitors since TdF came through the Dales two years ago and there’s way more cyclists which is a good thing as it may just make car drivers think a bit more when driving down the narrow highways and byways. Speaking of bicycles I still haven’t got mine out though it’s been sitting there looking disapprovingly as I go past for my walks. I’ll wait till after bank holiday is over. Why put off today what you can put off tomorrow!

Long time coming..

IMG_0509.jpeg A person needs a place to rest before contemplating the tasks ahead and for so long I have been without such a perch. Well today I remedied that and used up some of the scrap pallet wood in the process. No plans used, no internet research just good old fashioned bodging with a bit of glue, screws and a power tool. One of the task I have at the moment is to make enough space in the workshop to actually get on and do things but too long it has been used as a bit of a dumping ground with lots of gardening stuff. So my list of jobs include making racking and storage for all this extra clutter and getting it out of the way of the real fun stuff. There has been a request for a compost bin that fits in a certain space and I have started that in order to make space to move around in. For this I have done a bit of research on the interweb and as usual there are many ways to do it. Again I am keeping to my KISS methodology and have got general measurements for area and then from a back of an envelope diagram started to chop the wood up. This has all been done by hand, although I have a large-ish array of power tools the hassle of getting them into the right places and powered up would have taken longer that just whizzing through timber with a rip saw. So back to it, well back to it after I have had another sit and cup of tea!!

Daily thought

IMG_0502.jpegGot home last night from a weeks holiday to a decidedly cool climate and some rain, “hooray” and after a long drive was pretty cream crackered. However it gave my a lot of food for thought and was nice to be able to see a bit of the country I had not been to before unless you count that time when I was four, I certainly don’t. But it did again raise questions of where to be and the climate is definitely kinder the further south one goes. The scenery is to my mind more dramatic here and there are less people crowded into the space which is a good thing but it does have it’s drawbacks like all things in life. I would love to visit again and¬†will definitely return to the area as I plan to explore some places of my childhood that I have never been back to since those¬†days and¬†I am curious to see if I can remember any of it. Maybe a literal walk down memory lane. Meanwhile I have some tasks to get on with like repairing doors and building a compost bin, oh the glamour..

They came from above..

IMG_0461.jpegThis picture doesn’t really catch the atmosphere and moment but I was surreal as I was out for a walk along a long disused railway line with earphones in and zoned out on the walking when I became aware of strange noises not able to see anything kept on going then out of the corner of my eye I saw this.. It had descended down through the mist and glided along side me for a brief moment before heading back up in the the very low lying cloud or mist. It looked like they were coming into land and for a moment I thought they might ditch it in the river on on a nearby railway line but within a few moments of taking the picture they had disappeared as quickly as they had appeared. As I could hear no screams, in fact nothing from the basket I assumed all was well. Must have been an interesting view from above the mist banks though.

As a side note I have been rather thwarted on my morning walks along the canal around Bath as it¬†seems to be the height of towpath repair season. This hasn’t completely stopped me merely and temporary annoyance and added some extra milage on to the daily target. Just being down on the cut makes me want to go messing about in boats.

A new dawn

IMG_0440.jpegA new day, a new sunrise and a new place. I’m back down in¬†Somerset and staying with family for short break. Very early yesterday¬†morning around sunrise I set out for¬†a walk that I wanted to do before everyone was up as¬†I thought as the day went on I wouldn’t get the opportunity.


You can see from the pictures I am standing¬†next to another triangulation point on one of the many hills surrounding Bath which is called¬†Solsbury Hill. Peter Gabriel wrote¬†a song in its name after splitting from Genesis and it was a shame I didn’t have the song to listen to whilst being up there. It does command an impressive view and as I reached the summit the sun finally poke its head out from behind the clouds. Although it was a bit chilly from a brisk westerly wind and one can imagine the inhabitants of the fort battling through wintery conditions high up on the hill surviving much worse than a bit of a breeze also longing for the season to change to summer and a brief respite from the clutches of their harsh lives. From there on it was all downhill and back home.

I worked out that I hadn’t done quite enough mileage so¬†decided to continue on past the Mill at the end of the lane¬†and see where it took me. I love wandering down country roads and back lanes, seeing places and things you don’t usually see from the main roads and motorways as there are¬†always interesting things to¬†see and people to talk to. Once you get over the understandable suspicion to why someone is wandering around looking out of place and gawping at things or more likely the lack of purpose you can learn a lot from a brief conversation. Sometimes I wonder what¬†goes on in the worlds behind the doors of the houses passing by and occasionally I¬†get to hear.

Unfortunately my orginal plan to¬†go down to the towpath on the Kennett and Avon and walk to Dundas viaduct and back which is around ten¬†miles was thwarted due to repair works on the footpath that had blocked off my route. I had been looking forward to completing what I set out to do last time I was here but failed. Not to be deterred though I am planning to drive out to near where the blockage ends and start my walk there and see how far I get. The beauty of a canal walk is that it is flat as a pancake and virtually no obstacles so you can travel for miles unhindered, I like that.. it’s a kind of mediation for me. Of course in good old British fashion it is now rainy again and as I look out of my window it looks more like a wintery day than late May.

For no other reason.

..than to remind me that summer is almost around the corner and although we have had a week of reasonable weather including some (in air quotes) hot days but also remind me to get out every day which I have been doing so, in fact I now enjoy an evening stroll after my insert any word of your choice for evening meal, round here it is know as Tea. I find it a good way to walk off any excesses though with current food in-take that is unlikely.

However, it would seem though that we have had the allowed quota of sunny warm days as this morning on waking up and poking my head out of the curtains it was raining. It is reasonably warm and windless so I am not too fussed and I look back at the not so long distant wintery weather and appreciate the fact I am not having to go out with five layers on now. ¬†Anyway onwards and maybe I’ll go and kick the tyres of my bicycle and ponder taking it out for a while then decided against and make a nice cup of tea before the madness takes over, plus I still have to find all the ‘stuff’ for it.

Films – Our Kind Of Traitor

Yesterday we went to out local independent cinema to see this film. I think overall it was a IMG_0233.jpegreasonable offering and some great actors but some how just didn’t hit the mark for me. It was overly long in places and obvious plot lines flagged up so even a blind person could see them. However both Stellan Skarsg√•rd and Damian Lewis are¬†very good and really carry it in my view. Ewan Mcgregor and Naomie Harris were a good supporting cast but never felt really part of the movie it felt like to me. Maybe I am being too critical but I think Harris made a excellent Moneypenny in Spectre and really shone through as a strong character rather than the previous paper shuffling minor female roles but didn’t seem to really be given much of a role. I have long liked McGregor since Trainspotting and I really liked Long Way Round¬†but for me he just didn’t hit the mark on this one.

Its always hard to take books and authors that you have loved and turn them into films and Le Carr√© has a very distinct style that didn’t seem to be translated into this¬†film. I am not an advocate for slavishly following books in there transition to film but it is always a battle between what is read and what is seen an to the greater extent the written word to me usual wins as that its the vision of the author and not a second hand one of the film production. However I just love going to the cinema good or bad and I have only ever walked out of two! However in the trailers section Sing Street looked fun.

Getting OutdoorS

Following on from my post about maps I was thinking yesterday that I really should update some of my local maps as they are pretty out of date and don’t want to end up lost on a moor or disappearing down a pothole. Looking on the the OS site there now is a plethora of options and information and not unsurprisingly lots of digital editions. There’s also a discount offer for buying three at the moment, would seem rude not to ūüôā

I found out there are walking festivals (who knew that) all year round and pretty much all the country, and there’s a lot about cycling something else dear to my heart. Isn’t the internet wonderful!