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It’s not often or maybe I should say I was not often that I missed the much hyped Apple event(s) but yesterdays came and went I was was oblivious to it. Now as a long time user of the green fruits products and one who use to devour any and all *news and product reviews in the days before the web when there were a number of mags that were religiously followed to then coveting those new products, I have seen my interest wain over the last few years and I find myself thinking that there is nothing in the shopping basket that I actually want. Now I am not sure if this is due to the general downsizing and or minimising my life or whether it is in a general lost of passion for these “toys”. I find my self clicking through the bright shiny pages on Apple’s site with antipathy and maybe even a bit of boredom thats not to say I don’t actually want anything new but I am now looking at every purchase with a new sense of whether I actually need it and giving myself some criteria and timelines to guide these purchases. Having just got a “new” old phone and it really meeting my needs I don’t see myself needing anything new for a couple of years and its kind of freeing now not having to keep up with and fund these seemingly yearly upgrades.

One thing I did find interesting is the projections and Apples’ view of where we are all heading with the personal computer and that term is very used loosely. From the advent of the big iPad Pro it seemed to me that there would be a smaller sibling and they seem to be manoeuvring there ranges into a more cohesive and delineated one, but it does raise interesting questions for me to any future purchases of tech gear. As I came from the desktop environment through laptops to current day there are many things that I would miss if they weren’t there and many things on the iOS platform that I just can’t be done at the current time. Saying that there are now only a few tasks that I can only carry out on the laptop rather than an iPad and I have question whether I could I adapt and sacrifice those programs or tasks to other ways of completing them. But I am starting to think about the balance of power, however there is such a choice that then adds inertia to the decision making process.

Who knows what the technology will have moved on to by the time I am ready to make the next purchase but that won’t be for a while..

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5 thoughts on “Daily thought – Technology

  1. I really share some of those things you mentions but for me I think the apple hype died with Steve Jobs. Now when I look at a new apple thing I’m more eager to say “Steve Jobs wouln’t have approved – he’d send them back to the drawing room…” As if I knew him. Only because I read his mammoth biography… But also, and this may be an age thing, I think everything thru “do I need it?” “Will I use it?” and so on. I am not really that excited to buy a new iphone as I like the one I have, but closing up two might TWO year you need to upgrade or find yourself stuck with a cord to a powerbank… I kinda dread it really.

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    • Steve was a driving force and saved Apple from obscurity and like you having read the bios he was a very interesting character but by no means perfect that some think. He also got things wrong but I feel that Apple has lost some focus and just looking at the range of product and Steve was always know for “this is the new thing, the old thing is gone”. Under Tim we have a new a company that is obviously using figures to a certain extent to guide them but on the flip it has become a more open something Steve would have never imho allowed. Certainly interesting times. Yes after years of collecting 30pin cables for just about everywhere I need to start collecting lightening ones! I guess for me I am just don’t have the want factor anymore, mind you that may change in June.

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