My name is Ted and I procrastinate…..

Tedtalks, Tedx, or what ever it is now. Over the years I have dipped into Ted most likely from links sent from friends or colleagues but its not something I have gone back to or spent much time on. In an email from a friend yesterday I was pointed to a talk by Tim Urban that resonated with me so much. As one of those people that leave/left it until the last minute to do and achieve things I can completely identify with the talk and I always said I worked best under pressure and that I had to have a deadline to get things done. Now that I have had time to stop and think about these things I am trying to move away from the just in time mentality. Funnily enough I hate to be late and would much rather arrive 30 minutes early that be a minute late, not really in line with the procrastinator principles I guess.

In this world of “constantly on”, goals, targets for work, career, life etc etc and just about everything in between it is important to take time to at the things we do it’s just not getting caught up in the looking and not making progress some progress any progress, which I have suffered from in the past but not anymore ah ha.

Now that I have disappeared down the rabbit hole there’s a world of talks worth taking a look at some more whackier than others but interesting none the less. Now where did the day go..


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