Cloud of the day

IMG_0045.jpegNo its not going to be a regular thing and no I’m not getting obsessed. It’s a nice change to the grim greyness of the last few months and one forgets what there like when there not around. It is funny that through my winter walking there comes a point when I think how long will it be before I can walk round in t-shirts and less heavy boots. Conversely there is a point in summer when I think it will be soon time to wrap up warmly and the summer will be a distant memory. I am not complaining in away as I love the seasons here and having lived and travelled it is the one thing I missed when I was away. But I guess generally we all like our own landscapes and environments that we grew up with. Having lived or worked in cities I really appreciate the openness of the skies here and although there are plenty of other places where it is more spectacular for me seeing the seasons change framed in the local landscape is something I cherish and when and if I move from here it will always be some where I can visually and mentally return to.

Oh and my guess is Cumulus..



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