Daily thought

IMG_0041Finally the winter is moving to spring hopefully and on my walk yesterday I was just looking up most of the time looking at the changing formations of the clouds above me. I tried to remember the formulations thinking of cirrus or cirrostratus getting back I checked it out with the met office and my grounding at an early age from my Ladybird book; The Weather seemed to have sunk in. Who knew there was cloud geekery, whilst checking this out came across all sorts of sites dedicated to cloud formations, meanings and photos of formations. Not sure I would go that far but I do like looking up at them whilst out and about and it can tell us much about the weather whereas we now rely on being told what it is from many sources. Working out doors when I left school it is interesting to see that we naturally see and feel the weather much more than my older self and being sync with time was always amazing to me that I could be with in around 5 minutes in the days when I had no watch. Later in life that either I wasn’t aware or more likely didn’t care until faced with degrees of extreme. Although it was particularly warm yesterday due to northerly wind I did stop look around and up and spent some time looking at the view which normally I am focused on getting back. Not exactly blue sky thinking but not far off.

Today in a cruel return to cold, foggy and dampness not much to see here so moving along. A day to spend doing some practical things with wood and power tools 🙂


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