Bread ‘n’ Butter

P1020884It has been some long time since I made bread mainly because I stopped eating so much of it as a part of cutting down on wheat products. I didn’t think it would turn out too well as the dough was rather dry and a bit brick like. However the proof was in the eating and pretty delicious it is. One the the things I miss about breakfast now it the absence of Marmalade course cut naturally, however this morning that was rectified. I usually don’t make two loaves as it doesn’t hang around that long but this time I split it and am going to freeze one after cutting it into slices, a neat trick a friend taught me years ago. With Easter round the corner I am tempted to have a go at making some Hot Cross Buns as it not something I have done before and always good to challenge ones self. I can also off load them on the family and friends so I don’t end up eating all of them!

I really also need to look at some different types of bread as I have pretty much made the same thing for years not that I am bored of it but just variety is the spice of life supposedly. I did consider sour dough but I am not sure I can keep up with all the maintenance and as I am out and about a fair bit it may not be practical. Then there’s soda breads and enriched doughs but again not good for ones waist line.