Unexpected slice of Pi

Out of the blue a package arrived yesterday that I was not expecting. I hadn’t ordered anything from that online store that has everything so with some intrigue I opened it up and looked inside. Included in the box were these and some more bits and pieces with a anti static bad with small PCB in and it turned out to be a Raspberry Pi. I immediately knew who had sent it to me but was puzzled to why. After a brief conversation with my friend it turned out that he thought I could do with some mental aerobics and that maybe I could become the next Bill Gates. I rather think I have missed the boat on that one. However it led me to some more interesting time consuming distractions, which I really keep a check on as hours even days can go by if I am not careful.

So what does this all mean? Well I am not about to become a code monkey in case your wondering but it does raise some interesting ideas one of which is to give the Pi to my niece but I suspect that she may not necessarily so interested in technology more so the arts but I would like to encourage her in such things, as they are now becoming almost a prerequisite to modern life, unlike her parents. As for me I have some interest in using one of these to maybe use as digital tool box for ideas trying out some home automation tasks and have looked at RaspberryPis for some time with that in mind.

Getting sucked into this rabbit hole I am slowly refining my “footure” and as commented on elsewhere it’s more about working out what one doesn’t want to do than what one wants to do. I was also given a link (open in your podcast player of choice, mine is Overcast) by my friend for a podcast episode by the book author which brought up a lot of thought provoking material. Whilst I also have no desire to become a captain of industry the ideas of micro-entrepreneurship kind of struck a cord and the idea of a an individual or small business providing a service rumbled the grey matter. I need to do more research and think about some blue skies.

Cup of tea beckons..


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