Films – Hail, Caesar!

Tonight after an early meal I set off with family friend to see the latest Coen brothers film and I really enjoyed it apart from a rather annoying person who explained everything loudly to his wife and loudly laughed most of if not all the way through the film. Now my friends who say cinemas are rubbish would hold up this example of why they don’t go anymore and why others shouldn’t bother. I however although somewhat infuriated still love the experience. So the simple solution was to move as the screen was relatively empty and actually ended up being a better position and let others around ass put up with it.

For me it was Josh Brolin and Ralph Fiennes who made the film for me and strangely George Clooney seemed to be not as prominent as I suspected. However the rest of the film have many laugh out loud moments from Brolin’s character cagging a cigarette from the cops, the musical number and the cameo of Frances McDormand but enough of the spoilers. I would rate as a great evenings entertainment but maybe not on my desert island list.


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