Best laid plans

I am somewhat struggling to select/find suitable foods to cook for my round the world in six dishes. Where I am struggling the most is with Australia and North America where the food histories are somewhat confused to me. Due to the nature of immigration and the proliferation of the incoming populations food cultures it is hard to get a handle on what would be a suitable choice. I could flake out and go for a burger of some sorts but feel that is to easy but there is things like chowder or macaroni cheese 🙂

For Australia if I look at the indigenous food types I will struggle to find the ingredients needed from Kangaroo meat to Witchetty Grubs and then there is the actual meal recipe. The alternative would be to look at the modern modern cuisine and there is such a variety with all the European and Asian influences again from the influx of population. Short of having a barbie which then weather is not conducive to at the moment or eating a packet of Tim Tams I need to research more.

The rest is rather the opposite where the choice is overflowing and somewhat overwhelming. I have been reading up over the last few days around African and Asian food and this is where on the whole I have never really experienced apart from the obvious Thai, Chinese and Indian food. So the journey to find inspiring foods has been as fun as the cooking and consuming. Anyway more work needed so it will be a case of “more of that story later”.


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