A sidestep

In an fortuitous turn of events last night I went to the local cinema with a unexpected visitor last night which was a one off showing in a tiny, compact and bijou screen. Not quite on the same scale as one of my favourite cinemas in London but on a par. What was the film I hear you ask, well it was the 2004 sleeper hit of Sideways. Having seen the film a number of times on DVD and in fact seeing it for the first time at home on a pokey TV it was a joy to see it finally on the big screen. Many have said much more and better things about this film but I heartily recommend it if you have never seen it and if it’s been a long time dig out and dust off that DVD or download it. For me the characters and story are really well played out, the cinematography and scenery are also is partly the star of the film. There’s even a phrase that has entered the social vocabulary that makes me laugh every time but I’m sure wine growers around the world must have been furious. For me a film that I can watch repeatedly with sufficient breaks between is a sign of quality. Yes it’s all subjective and many may not agree but to me its a funny, real and a ultimately sort of heart warming tale that doesn’t have a too Hollywood ending.


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