Different strokes

Whilst sitting around this morning over breakfast coffee my mind got to wondering about what I was going to have for my evening meal. Looking in the fridge to see the usual suspects I came away thinking hmmm, don’t fancy any of that so what to do. In this day and age of the information super highway and living the now and all that I thought well there must be something I can find that I would want to eat. This then led me down an avenue of thought that what do we normally do but to revert to the norm and in my case like many others reach for the pasta. As I gulped the last mouthful of coffee and thought about getting on with the day there seemed to be a nugget of something growing in the back of my mind. However it wasn’t until I was out on the daily walk drifting along in my mediative state that the thought came back to me. Churning it through I began to think about the daily diet and how I could vary it not that I live an unhealthy life more like just introducing some variety. Now I like to cook the things I like to eat on the whole as most of us do and I am not trying to radically change my diet to say a vegan one but I do think that I would like to be more adventurous.

I do have a love of all, well at least nearly all types of food and the only thing I have come across so far that I have not been able to eat and still can’t physically eat is the devils food which is Sprouts. No matter how much family, friends and anyone else says I will not like them not now not ever! (note to self, move away from the rant button) and so this leads me onto my new current culinary experiment. The plan I have come up with is to cook a new to me meal each night for a week starting tomorrow as this is when I do the weekly shop. I am also going to try out some vegetarian dishes as being a fully paid up member of the carnivore clan I have on the whole never tried this type of food and am interested to see how the pallet, wallet and stomach cope with a bit of radical change. Don’t get me wrong I am not doing this for any ethical reasons and don’t plan to give up on meat I am just curious to try out new things and this goes throughout the whole of my life.

I will NOT be taking pictures of said meals for twitter, instagram, Facebook or any other social media site for which I have seen people standing on there chairs in restaurants to get that unforgettable shot of dining in some currently trendy joint just to let everyone know where they in fact I believe Gordon Ramsay got into a bit of a tizzy about this and that is someone I would definitely not want to enrage anyway I digress.

I then started to come up with additional ideas such as should I just use a random selection of all food styles and types or pick one type i.e Italian and then select all from that locale or finally pick 7 dishes from 7 continents, although there are people who say there are 6 continents. There is one problem to this as the food of the Antarctic would be fish and more exactly Wem and the likelihood of getting some from my local supermarket being probably zero I think this plan has a major flaw. But, if I was to take the remaining six continents and choose from those with a lucky dip for the seventh and final day. Hmmm yes I may be taking this too far and have too much time on my hands but its been a interesting journey on the actual decision. So now time to start selecting the menu..


2 thoughts on “Different strokes

  1. Sounds like a great idea! All of it! Trying something new for dinner! Going for vegetarian and different continents! I do hope you’ll let us know what you pick, even if you won’t show photos 😉


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