Distant signals

IMG_0013It’s that time of year again when the distant hills are clouded in a bluey, purpley haze from the fires where they are burning off the old heather to encourage new. It amazes me that they are in this day and age allowed to still do it as not only must it be pretty polluting but also that the health of everyone down wind must be affected in some way, but hey what do I know. Makes for some pretty spectacular scenery though aye. Also whilst out it was the real first signs of spring as the temps were up slightly and I almost felt it was time to strip down one layer from full on winter mode. However a day on it had returned to the rather more normal bitter North Easterlies but the upside is that there has been a prolonged stint of sunny weather so all good then.

I have been giving the future some thought again and trying to get myself into a mindset of where this wagon is rolling to. I am going to have a six week period of solitude and I am trying to come up with a bit of a plan of where I am heading and how to get there. In the past I would have either blindly headed off down the rabbit hole or dithering around to the point of missing the metaphorical boat, never doing things by half measures. I now have a window of opportunity to study and formulate and want to take or try and take more measured and thoughtful steps back out into the world.

One of the main things about making these important life decisions is that on the whole ‘you’ are the only one that can make that choice and ultimately you may not know the implications and outward ripples until after the event. However as I was once told it to me seem a case of “you either run to meet your destiny or your fate WILL catch up with you” and ending on that note I am off to roll the dice 🙂



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