I was going to title this post need not want as I have been pondering lifes’ complex situations of how and whether I need more Lightening cables for my new phone. Like all things Apple when you upgrade you then need to get a whole new set of things to replace the old and after years of collecting the old standard cables and having one just about in every location that I either am in or visit I now find myself having to remember a) where “the” cable is or b) have I charged up said phone so that it is ready to use primarily for logging my walks. Yes these are first world problems I know and I could easily learn to adapt to having the solitary cable but then I am lazy and don’t want to have to think about these things so the inclination is to buy more!

Getting up this morning having and whilst listening to another Minimalist podcast I got to thinking what is the best way to approach this just before I was about to press the buy button on eBay multi-pack. In the past I wouldn’t have given it a second thought and would now be happily waiting for the postman to deliver a package of happiness to my door, but on reflection this morning I did think stop, wait.. whoa.. hold on, there may be a better way of doing this and then it came to me. As a family member had failed to get me a Christmas present I thought how useful a belated gift of cables would be allowing me to pander to my idleness and not to have to spend any money. I could look at the reasons for getting them again but at this point I do feel that they add value rather than taking away from it. Now I just need to wait for family member to sort this out for me.


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