Best foot forward

IMG_0003It took getting a new phone to be able to get back to tracking my step count as for some reason the old phone had decided that it had had enough of tracking my efforts and was going to half heartedly record the daily tramp. But the most important factor to all this was the fact that it was letting me down in my quest to crush my older brothers challenge of who could walk the most steps in a year. Now when it comes to such things there has always been a sibling rivalry between us which was quite vociferous in younger years and now spurred on be the fact that we have a little wager on the outcome. Childish it maybe but I was reverting to waving the phone around in order to rack up the steps that I had already completed although I could never manage to equal the actual totals due to boredom and a certain amount of RSI setting in.

What interests me about yesterdays little amble was the fact that it classes it as a run. Now at no point was I running or having intention of running. I am not sure there would ever be a day when I would contemplate carrying out such an activity as I feel that I would not only be damaging my body in my advancing years but could think of a number of far more interesting methods of reaching the same levels of exertion without the pain of the act of running. Walking is the panacea in my humble opinion and as noted elsewhere on my blog  I am a proponent of the ultimate form of exercise and have been saying to anyone who will listen that it is the best form of exercise for us humans but I digress.

As I am somewhat of the tin helmet brigade in that I don’t like to have my phone on me at all times due to the radiation level transmitted from it I don’t get a complete picture of daily activity but then I am not so bothered about the minutiae but more of the bigger picture. According to my Runkeeper I have done 1,780 miles since starting to use it which in someways seems an awful lot but in others not enough. Anyway lets see how this pans out.


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