Need and necessity

Yes I know that new shiny is not the done thing in trying to live a minimalistic way of life but needs must when the devil rides or so the saying goes and I have now replaced an ageing 2009 phone with a newer model. I have been struggling along using my old phone for as long as I could thinking that at some point on my return to civilisation I would get a newer and shinier one. I have reached a point that I realise that I don’t need the newest gadgets to make life happier. And with this thought leading me to realise that what I had was perfectly adequate for my needs and it would carry on performing its daily duties until the new kid on the block took over. But having never wanted to get ugly cases to protect my phones and since owning the original iPhone not having had any mishaps, I went through a period of dropping it and have managed to crack or damage every surface on it. This seems to have effected it in others ways and it was the failure of the power button that made life rather difficult. I had planned to hang on to the bitter end until a friend of mine offered his  ‘old’ phone at a reasonable price. I thought about if for a bit as even at a reasonable price it was money going out and would it provide any value to life?

Well I have found that there are some benefits to my new phone and something that I hadn’t realised I needed. The finger print gadget has proved the one biggest revelations. I have no desire to use ApplePay but I really like the fact I can access my 1Password app without having to enter in my 32 character password now. As for the rest of it I can’t really see the benefits. Gone are the days where I used to pore over articles, blog posts, reviews and youtube to see what the latest and greatest had to offer. Now I see it as a tool rather than a necessity and apart from the activity tracking and podcasts I could easily live without it, not something I ever thought I would think or even less act on and there are always alternatives.

So lets see how long I keep this one.


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