Daily thought

Things have been quiet around here for some days and little steps been taken to declutter. I have some things to eBay that will bring in a it of cash and then there is the on-going penny jar emptying of which I will have to try and get to the bank maybe next week. The tribulations of banking with very few high street branches. I really need to get on with eBaying as have a stack of stuff to liquidate and it’s only apathy and the anx of getting stuff off to post office and not doing ones self down on postage.

The nights are getting shorter but still huddled in front of the fire of an evening. I wouldn’t class myself as green fingered but I think I was in the position of have a smallish space I wouldn’t mind having a bit of a garden space and watching Monty Don last night made one think a bit more about it. Maybe start off with some lettuce in pots or maybe some Gooseberries as I love the jam they make. At the moment the problem is sunlight as I am surrounded by buildings. I have thought about some guerrilla gardening but strictly hush hush.


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