Films – Dad’s Army

On Tuesday evening; 20:15pm showing and way past my bed time, we went to see Dad’s Army at our local cinema although unbeknownst to me I was coming down with a stinker of a heavy cold. However I have to say though I really enjoyed it. Having not really watched the original TV series as I was too young or we were TV starved kids not allowed to watch such things, I did have memories of seeing it when I was very young though not really understanding it. The movies new cast were very well chosen and Toby Jones (I have written elsewhere about The Detectorists) is a top actor in my view and carried off the main role convincingly. The slap stick comedy was there as in the previous TV shows but in an understated way that fitted in well with the rest of the film, not swamping it into becoming farce. There had been a lot of publicity before about how ‘they’ will never be able to repeat the show and that they shouldn’t but now released and the public have seen it certainly from the comments coming out of the cinema were very flattering and not all those were silver haired cinema goers.

One of my pet peeves is proclamations by critics as to whether a film is good or bad, I would rather make up my own mind thanks.


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