Series End

Just finished watching the final episode of series II of The Young Montalbano (Il giovane Montalbano) and have to say I enjoyed this and the previous Inspector Montalbano on BBC4 iPlayer. This final episode was clever in its wrapping up of a number of stories and left one feeling that if there wasn’t any more it had been adequately explained. Well as lees we know the back story to Livia now.

The has been a spate of series finales where it is unknown whether they will return for further episodes or whether they are finished for good. For me the ones that stood out so far this year have been Endeavour, the prequel to Morse, The Bridge where one was unsure of how it would play out without ‘Martin’ but the finale closed the book on Saga in my view. Then there was Lewis; comfort watching of mass mayhem in Oxford, but it had reached a point where a natural conclusion was met and how long could Kevin Whately go on being a consultant to Hathaway.

Many of these much loved series will no doubt end up on UK Gold or other such channels so its not like in the good ol’ days or were they bad where once gone they were gone. I am equally sure others will come along to take up the spaces left but with the better weather coming my viewing habits change and more time is spent outdoors than in front of the Gogglebox.


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