Daily Thought

Today has been a productive one. I would have liked to made more progress with downsizing the clutter that are my worldly possessions but, for me, it takes time. Going through boxes of ones life and sorting the significant from the sentimental is not an easy task and takes up more time than I thought. Ones mind conjures up memories whilst flicking through pictures or reading a few lines from a favourite book. The sounds and maybe smells come floating back from a bygone age. The difficulty is mainly due to the fact that I am wrestling with jettisoning years of things given and or saved for a memory or a rainy day. However once in the swing of it ditching all those cards, books, gadgets it gets real easy if you attach no guilt to the act of foregoing them. On the whole ‘they’ will have forgotten that they gave you the antique car horn or the fibre optic UFO lamp; I mean really what do you do with a two feet antique car horn, but ultimately it is you who has to live with these things.

I have made it my mission now to no longer accept gifts of things but have warned family and friends what I require at those festive times of year. I am taking the first steps towards a more minimal life, one less cluttered and one less stressed about have and more about doing.

So two more boxes emptied and an ever increasing feeling of a lightening load.



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