Weather Fronts & Food

The tail of storm Jonas still thrashes around here and the wind howls and buffets seemingly 24hrs a day. On the whole we don’t get too much extreme weather on latitude 54° 18′ N but the last few days have been ‘interesting’. At night I kind of imagine being in the Artic sitting out a storm, waiting for it to pass over so that communication to the outside world can be made and normal life resumed. We take some much for granted and the fact that a few wheelie bins are being blown around and the chimney is doing an impersonation of a wind tunnel. It will pass but I cannot imagine experiencing that level of pressure, stress and just pure noise for extended periods time maybe it’s like living near a railway line and after a while you block it out. For the moment though nights are being interrupted by unusual sounds

Todays walk was certainly a battle and some might say foolhardy by those tucked up in their cosy houses, cocooned in warm cars or sheltered by the buildings of a city. However wrapped up warmly and looking like a ninja I set forth. I’m sure people passing by  must have thought that I was either a) mad or b) sinister or c) both and were probably thinking of calling the local constabulary. I had a number of points where I was in danger of being on my arse had I not been leaning into the wind or nose down in the mud due to a sudden lull. I now see these moments as rather a challenge and as I am now on a 37 day streak going out in wind, rain, snow, hail and a little bit of sunshine the weather won’t stop me.

Now for the food. In a desire to bring some variety to the daily diet and to start experiencing new things I got out a cook book I have not used called Persiana and rustled up some Börek along we Cous Cous and carrot salad. I love this kind of food reminding me so much of my local street in London and the smells coming from it in the evening when getting off the bus. I am going to see what else I can manage as there are some really tasty ideas..


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