Daily thought

As our house is on the market I am having to think about what and where my future space will be and with that in mind and a viewing taking place early in the day lent to a quick scan of the bedroom to see what could be taken out of the house and to our local recycling centre, charity shop or tip. I have decided that every time I leave the house I want to remove at least one item until I have what I feel is a manageable, minimal amount of stuff that will come with me and as I move around can be easily transportable. I am considering looking at a mini-survival kit kind of set up with only things that I can carry and then as a backup the rest can be stored at family or friends houses until I have found somewhere to settle.

Much of my calculation for where boils down to money as it does for everyone, whether that be a mansion or an studio but having had my eyes opened to downsizing the latter is going to be more likely. Another consideration is living in shared space I am hoping to avoid this but if I have to then want the minimum stuff to have to cart about. I also want to investigate all possible options and some of the things I have come up with are house sitting and building guardian to name two. I have no idea whether this would be a suitable method finding shelter but the one thing I do know is that I never want a mortgage again.

I have a lot of ideas about alternative home owning but land and planning permissions are always going to be an issue. But with a creative mind and some good luck who knows what might happen I have that to look forward to or maybe I should go where the weather suits my clothes..


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