Day 2:2 7/10

Not sure why but using the digital task managing seems to be more productive at the moment but I am setting more tasks to be carried out, so 70% is pretty good in my book. I have been pondering how much I want to put into this as there are many processes and systems out there to daze and confuse. The fact there are all these different varieties only just leads to more inertia to get things done. Time spent trying to work out how they work and getting the best effect seems to be befuddling, so hey I’m just keeping it simple.

I have decided to extend the test for a bit longer so I can have a go with Omnifocus, as recommended by a friend, although I am having my doubts as to the level of commitment needed by it for just daily tasks. I will report on this next week. It feels like I am getting to the point where I am starting to wain as in the past I have always flown by the seat of the pants mode and the concerted effort required to stay on the straight and narrow is draining. You may think this is rather verbose but I feel that ‘we’ rarely actually look at our lives from this level of contemplation, usually down to having to just get on with work, life or whatever it happens to be. But I think this doesn’t take huge amounts of energy and if it can help clear the mind as it has been said the memory is not good for this stuff but better at doing the analytical work. It would seem a good process to go through to make sure we are heading to where we want to do. I am a strong believer in common sense and to me that comes from knowing facts and being mindful. Which is partly why I feel the zen of task completion is kind of what drives me on. Now on to tomorrows task plan.


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