Today I decided to go through the my wardrobe and see what I could downsize. Do I really need 32 T-shirts, 37 pairs of underwear and 28 pairs of M&S socks not to mention all the other stuff like business shirts, shorts and trousers. In my defence I used to buy clothes whilst away with work when I needed to go to a meeting or if the work over ran so I ended up with piles of new and unused multipack stuff that got put to that back of the pile. Over the years things got used but now having decided to go down the minimal route I am cutting back to two weeks worth of everything as no matter where you go there will be washing facilities even if thats in a sink 🙂

Its amazing how much space that these things take up or the lack of space. I am thinking that I might see if I can get my whole wardrobe into a small wheelie suitcase as I know that life is going to get more nomadic this coming year so portability is going to be the key. I feel that apart from the personal and sentimental stuff every thing else must go! and the smaller the footprint the better.

The trick now is to get rid of all the accumulated gifs over the years that out of a sense of duty have been kept, no longer, there off to the charity shops if it does fit in the ‘keep’ bucket. From now on if you want to get me anything it’s either going to be money, experiences or consumables like food. Why didn’t I think of this before.. well now I have seen the light I am going to make sure friends and family and on the same page.

We come into life with nothing and we go out with nothing and I am no longer going to fill the bit in the middle with STUFF, well at least only the essentials.


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