The Revenant

Wow, just wow.. I think the scenery is one of the stars to the film and the atmosphere of the bleakness but yet the beauty of it. I was going to say that there are few wildernesses left and the the world of the unknown is rapidly dwindling however there are still places that are hazardous to humans and the film catches that. I’m not going to review it as I am a strong believer in making ones own mind up rather than listening to critics. For me Leonardo has grown into a great actor and certainly excels in this movie. There is a lot of gore but then I believe that this would have been as it was and certainly the period was captured. The supporting cast were well cast and there were a number of Brits with Tom Hardy taking the baddie role.

All in all a really good movie and if I was a betting man I would wager DiCaprio getting a gong for his performance.


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