Its all downhill

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 09.34.06When I started the year I was getting over the Christmas excesses like most of us and had peaked a bit but not as much as I had expected which was a nice surprise but one of my goals of 2016 is to up the walking and so far I am on a straight 24 day err run. This year as previously posted I haven’t made any new years resolution as there are some stats that a large percentage of resolutions are abandoned within the first two weeks of January. So rather than fall into that trap I’m just going out and doing. I am looking to get the old bike out to up the ante a bit whilst I have the time. I have been tracking progress somewhat sporadically since 2010 and have really started to make to force the graph down in the last year towards an ideal weight.

One of the factors motivating me is seeing the progress over the year via the wonders of modern technology and my iPhone. I’m sure that like many of us who vow to lose weight and get fitter after the Christmas binge turn to those tech gifts given or download the latest health app to encourage us to go out and do more. Part of my focus to ‘achieve’ is a friendly wager with an older brother to see who has the most steps by the end of 2016. So what tools do I use, well apart from my rather old but trusty iPhone I use Runkeeper for recording my walks and occasional cycle ride and then I have a techno-scale for weighting in on a Sunday morning that is hooked up to the WiThings app. I went through a phase of downloading every fitness app and then leaving them after a brief fling. But as I have started to declutter I have been getting rid of all those apps that either I don’t use or don’t work with the phone. I am sure that if I had a newer phone I would have access to many new and exciting apps but I have come to realised that more is less and that it the actually doing the activity rather than recording it much life going to a concert and spending all the time recording it to smartphone. so I really don’t need this tech but it helps to see the past which motivates me on.

And so onwards and upwards or is that downhill.


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