Everything must go.

In what turned out to be a very productive day I have been tiding up the computer binning off anything that is not relevant including movies that have never been watched or likely to be, music with same criteria and bookmarks from browsers that have long been extinct or for times when I thought some new shiny idea was the next bit thing and hoovered up the internet of links that may come in handy. Been quite cathartic really and I am now wending down the digital memory lanes of my past.

One of the sites I use to enjoy and now I have found again deep inside the depths of the computer is Invading Holland. Now as someone who has a few drops of Dutch blood I should take offence at the invading implication, however the kindred love of Speculoos, Hagelslag and stroopwafel(Look them up if your the slightest bit interested) allows a certain amount of leeway and much has happened in the intervening years to the plucky invader.

Take a look you might enjoy


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