Day 5 4/7

A return to previous days of under achievement, but, I did start a goal to start learning a new skill with the help of Lynda for with I will document in the coming weeks. So it was not all bad. Some of the things I should have done I just run out of time. Ok so I hear you say you should have made more time to do these things in a more timely way. Hah, but part of the journey is to work out the best way to do things. Many years ago I remember reading about someone who got all their things done by 9:30 leaving the rest of the day to do “his” stuff. I too work much better in the morning and the levels of productivity increase with the ever lengthen and warming days, however deep winter is not most conducive time to be up at 6am doing. I am also not sure about getting everything done by 9:30am as how to you deal with the type of tasks that can only be resolved in business hours, but then nowadays more can be done online which removes that constraint. Its not something I aspire to at the moment.

I digress. Today there are severn tasks so far, hopefully it will be a productive and subtractive one.