Day 5 8/8

Finally total coimpletionism; 100% success, mind you tasks completed were relatively easy and so full expected to get everything done. However the interesting thing is the timing that they are being carried out. I am not going to go over too much analysis for the moment as I want to see how the different methods compare and if there is a difference.

I am still shying away from difficult tasks and am trying to address the fear of doing them. This is one of the main reasons why I decided to do this experiment to help my inertia in facing these things that I deem to be too difficult. We all have our demons but facing them makes them much smaller, allegedly. But certainly in the last five days I have seen a vast a rapid improvement in my ability to “do” stuff and that can only be good.

So it’s Friday night and time to knock off the treadmill and contemplate the weekend activities such as chucking stuff out and ebaying.


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