Came across a number of sites and subjects today off of the radio that is in tune with my current drive to rid my self of stuff not needed. First up Zero Waste House and lifestyle guru(s) and the more I read into all this maguffin I realise that it is pretty much common sense in that life is more about time than things. It is interesting and useful information to gather in ones own journey to materialistic nirvana or should that be material nirvana. I’m not sure I can go to the extreme but certainly there is a lot of room for improvement.

Next up is the Minimalist’s podcast although new(ish) some interesting info and stuff to pick up on. I see my position is somewhat like a magpie, pinching all the good stuff from all the different frameworks, processes, methods and gurus and amalgamating them to my strain of minimalism.

I have also come across the Little House community and have gone off down a rabbit hole with this one and this is definitely subject for more posts in the future and it all ties in with the current topic. In the process of down sizing it will help me move to a smaller but more experimental life.

There is an ocean of this stuff out there and everyday I come across a new take on it, however there’s a bottom line to all this and that is don’t fill life with crap, whatever that maybe.


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