Book at Bedtime

IMG_4996After a longish tiring day I am attempting to get back into some bedtime reading and as it is a guaranteed way of getting off to sleep. I seem to be able to manage a page and so consequently it takes me eons to finish and often have to re-read stuff just to remember where I was. I suppose that this is not the best advertisement for my literacy skills. I thought I would start out with something light and as it says on the cover “The English Bill Bryson” sums it up nicely. I really enjoy these kind of tales and have found that travel writing is a genre I have come to like having grown up on crime thrillers. I have never been a voracious reader unlike a lot of the family probably to their annoyance but I tend to do it in fits and starts and normally in holiday seasons when given books as a gift. I think I just became a victim of the digital age and moved away from the reading when I found the internet and things like forums that can waste so much time on a whole range of subjects and interests. I guess I can equate that level of concentration with the use of blogging as compared to say tweeting, where the long form gets over taken by the soundbite which needs less attention span. However I digress.

Bill Bryson is one of my favourite authors and have read mostly all of his books. I love the way that he has as an outsider, looking in on an alien culture to him, adapts to and accepts what he sees with the humour and insight. However this is not about him more rather about Stuart Marconie who has also an easy and affable style that I enjoyed in “Pies and Prejudice” and other writings of his. In fact I need to check his other books.

So lets see if I can turn another page.


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