Paper or PC

Sitting around on this Saturday morning I have been thinking about a number of methods of getting things done or GTD as it’s known and trying to work out whether I am more capable holding information in digital or physical formats. In the past I have relied on a mixture of the both and I have muddled through but part of my goal of “minimalistation” is to streamline all processes. Now this may sound and seem rather mechanical and robotic but I see it as a tuning affair much like taking a car and make it run better and maybe a bit faster.

Part of the test is to try out both methods and then review at the end of a week of usage. After this time I will know which feels more comfortable and my gut reaction is that the digital form may be more manageable as I tend to live life digitally as most of us do now. But I am looking forward to seeing my results and thoughts about this.

One of the things that I have picked up along my journey of listening to and reading up on personal productivity and philosophy behind this is the repetition and review are the key to it. If one can stick at something for a month then the habit or process that you are trying to implement is more likely to succeed.

Lets see then.


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