Daily thought

IMG_4962I was standing around waiting for vegetables to be packed and handed to me  when I was thinking about various subjects that i have been noodling over the last couple of days and I thought I would not always want to target or label these posts with categories and tags. I pondered that there needed to be a way to be able to randomly ramble about nothing in particular when not focused on a particular subject or goal. Though I guess that all content at some point can be categorised under some heading but for the moment I will leave some of those blank.

As you can see from the picture, it was truly blue skies today and out on my daily walk I could do some actual   “blue sky thinking” well that and listen to podcasts. I have found that the outbound leg is good for listen and turning homeward bound is a good time to actually unplug the earbuds and let the mind switch off and percolate ideas un-interupted. One of the things I am conscience of is not allowing the noise to thought ratio to get too overwhelmed. Its all to easy to become attracted to listening to people talking about doing rather that doing the doing.

I was lovely to see the sun properly (the skin burn was worth it) in over two weeks its an amazing effect it has on ones psyche and all of a sudden the daylight is lasting that little bit longer as we head through the winter months to the spring equinox. I have a pork casserole on for Tea and yes it is Tea not Supper people and I move a day close to my weekly reckoning. Life is (pretty) good today. The


2 thoughts on “Daily thought

  1. I enjoyed that daily thought. Yes. It’s great to get out to walk. We have a forest nearby, in which we walk regularly.It’s a lifesaver at times ! Every so often I throw up a random thought or observation on Facebook, usually just to see if anyone is reading. Think I’ll do the same on my blog. As you say not everything needs to be categorised or tagged.
    Keep on doing the doing !!

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