Penny jar(s)

Having carted around two empty whiskey bottle cases and a number of jam jars full of shrapnel for a number of years I finally got round to doing something about it today. There is a reasonably modest amount surprisingly and the next fun bit is getting it into notes. Most banks that I have been into in the past with little plastic bags filled with bronze coinage show varying degrees of anger from mild boredom to obviously repressed rage. Now I suppose I can imagine feeling the same if was faced with yet another loon bringing in their lifetime collection of loose change, but in this day and age it seems that the use of coinage is declining. I rarely use cash now and have no idea when I last used a bank cheque and I can safely say its more than seven years.

So were does this take me, well for the moment I am just going to park the crisp notes from the bank into my piggy bank account and am contemplating what to with it. Part of me would like to put it towards getting a new phone but for the moment I am trying to find ways to grow the money that I have rather than spend it and with a mixture of that and getting rid of stuff I hope to return to financial freedom.


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