Live right

Things seem to be coming along in groups at the moment and like the star related topic yesterday seem to be about health. First up was an interesting programme about health and fitness from the BBC. I just love the BBC there is such a variety of knowledge and experiences there to listen to and learn from, but that’s maybe for another time. So the lesson learned was that a) you can start exercising at any age b) joint pains are effected by muscle strength and condition. Now although this is not new news to me on the hole most people understand this, it was more the nuances of the program that were interesting to me. Having just started doing Kettlebell swings after being introduced to them, I feel that much of the benefits from this type of exercise will help with my back aches and pains and are in tune with the findings from the prog.

Later there came “Trust me I’m a Doctor” on Beeb Two and having followed this series for a couple of seasons I was particularly interested in if eating at certain times had any effect, i.e fridge diving late in the evening. In general I find the program interesting and informative but it does sometimes slide off into the “state the bleeding obvious” territory and to me a lot of it is common sense or should be to most. So it was comforting to find the my currently self inflicted 16:8 diet should be having a measurable effect. I am just trying to make sure I don’t become a health bore or obsessive around my nearest and dearest!


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