Up there….

Not something I do often but turned TV over and saw Star Gazing Live 2016 tonight and watched a really good program. Some of the things that stood out were the probe landings on Philae, selection of astronauts for Mars mission and the doomed Biosphere 2.

We are truly living in both amazing and scary times but the fact that “we” maybe looking at getting humans to Mars in my life time is truly a leap forward that one couldn’t of imagined even just 60 years ago, but then technology is speeding up so fast we take landing probes on distant planets and comets for granted and are some what blasé about it. This to me is a measure how far we have come.

Having watched Star Wars yesterday and seeing this program does make one think will the human race be able to survive long enough to go forth and explore even just a tiny part of our back yard.. time will tell.


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