Money, how?

It feels like starting over again and now that I no longer have a house I no longer have equity however thats not the end of the world as one of my goals of this life reboot is to not slip into or buy into the rat race that I was sucked into before. So pondering all things financial there are many if not thousands of stories of wealth creation, get rich quick, rags to riches and rock solid investment programs but this post is about starting from the bottom again and working up. Not all of use have the opportunity that many of these life gurus advocate but I am interested in the small world view approach as I am not wanting to become a millionaire, just someone who has a comfortable life. To this end I suppose the smart thing would be to look at what that actually entails and do some back of the envelope calculations.

However primarily this post was prompted by some thoughts last night about what I saw as fractional savings. Now I realise that in the history of everything we as a race have probably thought about, come up with, tried and either succeeded or failed in every combination of wealth creation but there maybe room for an interesting take on or new idea coming from somewhere. I do realise that this is a very small chance but thinking about it doesn’t harm but I guess there are only a certain number of ways of peeling and onion.

So that leads me into what it is the lowest amount of money that one can start the road to financial freedom and I guess the answer is one coin, what ever the domination and currency, just it will take longer to build than say having £1000.

I now have found a challenge to see what I can turn one pound coin into


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