Monday morning medicines.

As I sit here on a foggy Monday morning I thought I would get in an early post as not to allow the inertia to set in even before I have started. So noodling around the interweb I came across a rather dense but interesting site which challenges a lot of my preconceptions about food, exercise and weight loss. Although I like the sound of many of the things discussed I am not in a position to follow through. However I think that my current regime is working for me although I am not looking to rapidly lose weight. There again I am starting to question my thinking and that of those around me who counsel against rapid progress as it is deemed as “unhealthy” As with all things internet there is a oceans of opinion and facts that have varying degrees of validity and truth to them and are usually selling a product or an idea or both but for this site I find some resonance in the information it is imparting but also in the manner.

For me the most valuable thing I have undertaken in my journey to reach my ideal weight is going out walking and having done this reasonable consistently especially over the last couple of years  I can not recommend this enough. No matter where we are or what ever age we can all by and large, unless you have an injury of illness that prevents it, go out and do it. This is without any special equipment bar footwear and normal clothing and no need to endure sweaty and or grunty gyms which I have tried and dislike with a vengeance not to mention the cost and all the other forms of torture as I see it that people inflict on themselves on a daily basis. Even when I lived in the Metropolis I walked to and from work not only in summer but also in winter. I use to enjoy exploring all the back streets and  loved weaving my way around in the early mornings before and just as the city was waking up. Now that I live in the countryside I have a much different routine but the joy of being out doors and the changing seasons pushes me on. Even now at the beginning of winter everyday is different and the clouds and light is different. Not so sure about the days of wind, rain and cold. But the satisfaction of completing out weighs the negatives.

Speaking of which I must get ready to go out now.


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