New year, new start..

Ok so 10 months have gone by and after the initial bubble frenzy posting it fell of a cliff and the ensuring silent months rolled by with little thought of blogging due to life and things getting in the way. How many of use suffered the same experience. I guess a lot of people are like wise kick starting their blogs with he advent of the new year and what better time to do it.

Although I gave up making new years resolutions many years ago I did come across an intriguing idea via a podcast I listen to and thought it had some mileage that I could travel. It is a simple premise and not one I will waste your time explaining suffice to say living ones life by three words may not be as easy as some might expect.

2016 is gong to be a year of great and small change and one that I hope to be able to say at the end of it I have weathered successfully. As in all life there will be lows and highs; hopefully in that order, but I the old saying of every journey starts with a step or words to that effect which I have repeated many times but not necessarily set off on that journey. The goal this year is to actually go on that journey and not be a passenger as per pretty much all the previous years gone by.

It will be small steps at first and I am treating this like a personal diary, as a memoire to look back on much like my progress in the weight control program that I have kept on both my techno-scales and smartphone apps. The good thing about these gadgets and apps is that it takes little or no effort using them whereas writing blog entries over the course of time seems to get progressively harder to complete. Funny, when it ‘could’ take only a few minutes to complete. Though once started usually I get carried away and those few moments turn into tens of minutes. This leads me on to another thing I have come across in the last year which is Pomodoro time as I like to call it rather than “technique” that its more commonly known as. I don’t use this all the time and I tend to use when I have certain project(s) to complete and I either need to push myself to complete or focus the mind on tasks needed to be completed. One of the other tools I am employing in the war on procrastination and inertia is Omnifocus. At the moment I’m not using anywhere near as efficiently as I could or should be but it is helping to focus on tasking the bigger picture goals. In spending some time last year investigating GTD and time management solutions my thoughts are that for me there may not be one process that overs all eventualities and that I am happy to cobble together what works for me.

And finally I have been considering financial futures and how I best get to a position of stability. Most of us go out and earn it and to the greater extent I will be doing the same, however I would like to look at hacking my finances a bit and maybe looking at some interesting uses of the hard earned to imaginatively grow it but at the moment it is all theoretical as I’m cash strapped.

So here begins the journey… er… well begins again.


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