Day 11: Prompting Places

Today the task is using prompts and the one I have chosen is Places and this is very apposite as I ponder my next move both physically and metaphorically. So much life is spent in one place and for most of us we want that stability of having those roots. However for whatever reason change comes along and makes us move whether we like it or not and that might be moving out of home for the first time, a job requiring a relocation, or just events causing that movement. I am at the latter end of that spectrum but rather than looking at it as a stress, upheaval or negative experience I am looking forward to embracing a change of life and location and am starting to draw up a list of possible places to lay my hat (Cheesy 80’s Alert) But some of the places may or may not come off and I have to be realistic about the the opportunities open to me.

However the past helps form the future and having lived in a number of cities I look at where I want to be and if thats in a city or out in the countryside and I am struggling with this dichotomy. I get a buzz from the city and the energies that you get from opportunities and socialising but the having been brought up in the countryside I often feel the need for space and nature. I guess I am just a grass is always greener guy.

Free-beach-wallpaperI have thought about temporarily trying out different places both here and in different countries and there are many ideas an blogs promoting mini-micro breaks, but you never really get a feeling for a place if you are just passing through for a weekend or so and this is where the 4HWW comes in (I am still working through this slowly) The idea of dipping in to a place for a chunk of time has been growing on me and as a project I have some plans for expanding these this year and more to follow on the blog.


3 thoughts on “Day 11: Prompting Places

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