running late

Having fallen behind on the blogging101 I am trying to catch up in one fell swoop. As usual life gets in the way of things and not feeling to brill, maybe it was a bit ambitious to think I could post everyday but that was the plan at the beginning of the blog. So where am I today, having to catch up with days six to nine and some of those tasks will be included in this post.

bench2015-03-12_16.00.21First up I have been moving the woodworks on in the last couple of days and now getting on with making the draws. In good bodging fashion I am winging it on the dimensions front as so far have got it all right, in fact I am pretty amazed at the quality of my work, I don’t mean I am being big headed, just that as it is being banged together by someone with no real hands on shop skills since school. After all this is reclaimed wood and is also not meant to be permanent. I hope to find space for my hackshop when I do eventually move on as it has given me much enjoyment building so far. Once the frames are done then I need to install the bases and here opens up opportunity to buy more  tools and in fact there can never be too many tools in ones workshop and any chance to get a new toy should not be turned down. I would love a shop full of toys but for the time being I have to accept space and monetary restraints.

Moving on into the 21st century when it comes to TV technology we had a 32″ LED telly donated by SiL and after protestations that previous monstrosity being perfectly good, once it had been set up and demoed it was out with the old and in with the new! I try not to watch too much tv as in the main it is populated with 100’s of channels of dross and as the nights get shorter I try to “do more” rather than be in winter hibernate mode. I have been itching to get an Apple TV as the Airplay option was something I had seen used on friends TVs and was impressed with the quality of video and images sent from their devices.  Now we can watch all sorts of wonderful content however the only downside is that the BBC iPlayer is not natively on the ATV but hey no sweats with beaming it from the phone.

And finally I need to get on with the tasks having fallen even further behind having started writing this yesterday but not completing. This was pretty much the indication that the initial blogging honeymoon period is over and the initial stream of posts dried up even with the 101 I had run out of steam. It is not an uncommon pattern in all sorts of parts of my life and whether it be learning or doing new things. However the important thing is where I go from here and I still have the intent to use this as a journal so far and just need to focus more on how I want to post. So maybe I will pen or should that be tap out my thoughts and experiences on a daily basis and they may be a long form or maybe just a sentence as a reminder. Anyway more blogging and less blathering.


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