Couple of days have gone by and I am struggling to keep up with the blogging101 though I haven’t fallen so far behind I have thought about giving it up, but I hadn’t reckoned on it taking up so much head time. This is all good as spending some time thinking is something that we done often have the luxury to dwell on. Part of the task is to write a post aimed at an audience that I am interested in connecting with, problem is at the moment I have no idea of that audience as I am primarily writing it for me and if others stop by and read for some time then thats all that matters (at the moment) 🙂 However I guess if wotsitallabout was to grow into a brand then it might take on some more significance. In this day and age “branding” is so important in fact brandedisation, is that a word, if not I’m claiming it has taken over sometimes it would seem the content, however I digress. If there was an audience I was aiming to connect with it would be one looking for new life paths and trying out new ways of life and living. I find myself coming across so many interesting and exciting ideas and projects that inspire me to think about the way I am living and how can I improve that. For me its a crossover or mash up or what ever the current term or phrase is to incorporate as much of this with out it taking over to the point of missing the fact that I am trying to slow down. As I have said before I struggle with the constant on culture but thats not to say I can’t learn from it and make connections with other like minded people as I go about my digital journey.

So in conclusion I leave you with this


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