Progress of sorts

whilst sitting in a car park waiting, waiting, i am amazed at what you can do on a smartphone though I really need a pair of glasses in the car. I have been distracted from progress for a couple of days that I wanted to achieve but none the less in other parts I have managed to take a couple of steps forward. I have started messing around with some 3D CAD Softwares but he learning curve is pretty steep but starting off with simple design helps but both have loads of online info and tutorials so have picked up loads pretty quickly. I have been messing around with home building amongst other things.

White Loaf with Pumpkin seeds

In other news I have had another crack at bread making and this time went for a white loaf and topped with pumpkin seeds. Really getting into this and am looking at trying out a rye bread next as I don’t eat huge amounts of bread but it mysteriously disappears. I have also got over my fear of dried yeast as I was told it’s not as good as fresh but in my experience it’s perfectly good.

I have also started the 3rd day of blogging101 and am looking at other blogs to start following and learn from. Again there is so much to look at that I am looking in bite sized chunks so not to be overwhelmed. Anyway is a good day.


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