Getting started with my daily challenges has been taking some time as there is just so much information to take in there are so many peoples blogs to read through. All right I am not going to be able to get through every single one but am trying to keep up with the progress, I am thinking about coining a phrase; “Limited Attention Deficit” and if its not I phrase I am making it one now. I am now caught in the dilemma of whether I should stay awake for the computer to go ping at midnight announcing the new challenge (failed there then as now its 05:08 on the 3rd) or to rest easy for the onslaught tomorrow. Well I say onslaught maybe I mean rush to complete, I say rush maybe I mean attempt to wake up before sunset and lethargically poke the keys on the keyboard either way it will get done tomorrow.

I am feeling a little fatigued having spent a day foraging for warmth, i.e. logs to keep us going till spring which hopefully won’t be that long and watching Rick Stein this evening in Oz and Tasmania made me think of warmer days and nights. It all looked so lovely, the seas just amazing and somewhere I would love to visit one day to see such sites and travel to the southern hemisphere. Certainly looks a more open and freer way of life but the grass is always greener.


One thought on “Shhhh

  1. I read with interest your post as it seems to reflect my thoughts on the amount of information that needs to be assimilated. It is now 3.30 or there abouts and I have been at this since 11.00 this morning. I have delved into so many blogs my eyes ache, but I am very satisfied with the progress I’ve made over the last three days. I think I’m finally completing today’s task. Ever onward and upward !!


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