If nothing else..

Early one morning

Early one morning

An aide memoire, a visual record and a reminder that the seasons are moving on so it feels. The effort to get out of bed this morning and go for my daily early walk proved well rewarded and I saw a beautiful but chilli sunrise bathing the land in a golden glow as far as the eyes could see. Runkeeper times are way behind but that will improve quickly.

The view kind of made me think of those post cards that have such views and the effort expended to get that one shot as the light changes so fast at that time of the morning and having known a photographer who takes these kind of shots and the gear he humps around it must be an amazing feeling when you know you have ‘the’ one. My attempts usually fall way short of the mark and even with all the technological assistance modern cameras give you I still manage to foobar most shots I take. Guess some form of learning/tuition might be added to this years todo list.

All through the winter months I think of being able to walk in t-shirts and not have 5 layers of protection on and remember the previous summers walks, lying by rivers and falling around on the moorland heather, now I’m squelching through the mud or skidding around on icy paths or smarting from a nice dose of windburn. However it does have its advantages and I stock up on the malts with this being one of my favourites. Nothing like a wee dram to take the edge off. And on that happy note I’ll sign off for Friday. Happy weekends..


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