E is for..

ELIMINAeisforeliminateTE!! Slowly working through it. Keeping my attention focused is hard at the best of times but I set myself the goal of reading for 30 minutes of the day as this seems to be what I can manage at the moment. I have never been a huge reader and am constantly told that I should read more. Yes I can see the benefits but then I get my knowledge and enjoyment from discovering, adventuring and learning online. The downside is that it can take up sooo much time and take away from actually doing! But I have gained more than I have lost in my approach. There isn’t any walk of life or interest that you can’t find someone in the world that has posted up on Youtube or blogged about and to me that is amazing. Want to change a plug, learn to fly a kite, pour aluminium castings, learn an instrument to language, now is the time. Do something different. I am I started blogging.

And on that note at 06:55 I am going to get up and go for my morning walk that I stopped doing late last year but am restarting today in order to get to (a) goal.


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