Whilst dodging the snow showers and rain and a rainbow that I nearly got to the end of.. if only.. just a little further.. shame I could get camera out before it disappeared but it was one of the most spectacular ones I have seen I collected the final load of pallet wood. Thankfully just before the skies opened and snow started whipping around. It’s amazing how lovely a nice warm car is in such conditions, just took some time for fingers to thaw out enough to drive again.

So what to do with all this wood well bench top to start off with after slicing accidentally through the current one with a circular saw. The I have had a commission for building a dolls house stand this wood won’t be good enough for that. However I am going to build a workshop stool for those pondering moments with cuppa tea and a pencil stuck behind my ear. Then maybe some trays like the ones you were forced to make at school and that ones family thought was the most amazingest thing in the world ever until an uncle (engineer) tapped in on the side of a table and it fell to bits. There is a life lesson. I just need to find an outlet for them so I can flog some to fill ‘the’ jar up. Might have to see if I can inflict them on family friends first.

Wading my way through 4HWW as have not found huge amounts of time to read and reading at night especially in bed is a guaranteed way of falling asleep for me but I am inching way through it. In fact I have a stack of books I need to read and having got started I am actually looking forward to reading more again.


and as a final note here is a seasonal look at somewhere I plan to cross one day either boating or walking.

and loved Julia Bradbury’s programs.


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