Ones daily bread

breadThought I would have a go at something different and make bread so with the wonders of the interweb got the makings bashed it all together and had to wait a couple of hours, taadaa, ok well not quite that simple but really its just flour, yeast, salt and water with a bit of olive oil and some walnuts added. Wasn’t sure if I had killed the dried yeast by putting what I thought was too hot. I didn’t have any bread making tins so had to wing it and leave them round, however this just worked out fine. I have to say it is very very nice, No bread maker for me just good old fashioned elbow grease and it all cost a very small amount of dough It’s amazing what you can achieve with time on your hands. I plan to have another go at this and maybe make something a bit more exotic didn’t realise it was so easy, I fancy some Chelsea buns although I may have to give most of them away in order to stop me eating them all 🙂

Now where is the jam and a big cuppa tea.


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